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Araria Bihar

Araria : The place of cultural confluence

You may not hear the name of this district very often, but this place has very rich history and can be called as the place of confluence of cultures. Araria is one of the districts of Purnia Division and situated in the state of Bihar. This place is known for its amazing view of the Mount Kanchenjunga, the very famous peak of the Himalayan range. Very few places of India have such an amazing view of this peak so people often come to this place to experience this celestial and majestic view.

Apart from that, this place is the home of a few and old natives of India like Mushar, Pasi, Majhwar and Gond. Amongst these tribes mushar is the most dominant ones in this place and continues to live in this place for centuries. They get this name due to their aboriginal profession of rat catching.

Origin of name - Araria

Long ago this place was a forested area and in the time of the British, it had transformed into a district of Purnia division. This district has now two sub-divisions namely Araria and Forbesganj.

In the time of the British, the place where Mr. Forbes used to reside here was known as the residential area or which people fondly called as the R. Area, which abbreviated into Araria.

History of Araria

Though the name of this place has sunk into oblivion but it has a very rich historical background shrouded in the cloud of uncertainties. In some passages of Mahabharata namely Vana Parva and Sabha Parva the name of this place can be found as this place is deeply entangled with the conquest of Vima in eastern India. Araria previously ruled by three most famous clans of India.

The three clans Kiratas, Angas, Pundras used to reign over the northern, western and eastern side of this place. King Kichaka was the most famous ruler of Kiratas whose name can be found in the Mahabharata too.

Proves have been found that this place once an important place for the Maurya and Gupta from the writings of Huen-Tsang and Asokavadana. A number of destroyed temples and devastated palaces still bears the proof of the rich history of Araria.

Economy and livelihood of Araria district This area is recognized as one of the 250 most backward districts of India. Thus the present government has arranged reliving funds for this district under the BRGF Program to facilitate the lives of the people living here.

This district has several rivers like Kosi, Kali,Parmar, Suwara, and Koli, so the main occupation of residents is cultivation.

Notable personalities of Araria

This place is the birthplace of one of the most eminent Indian business magnate Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara and Paramanandeo Rishideo, a famous scholar of India and deserve a special mentioning is ,Phanishwar Nath 'Renu', .

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