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Four outstanding area of Araria that gives high-quality options to buy various sorts of stuffs for self and to present the close to and dear ones are the cities of Araria district headquarters, business & change hub Forbesganj, Jokihat and Jogbani. Those Araria cities are wonderful markets where one should purchase domestically made handcrafted gadgets to all forms of cloths and stuffs desired. These markets deal into the goods in inexpensive rate stages and consequently continue to be fine desire to shop for objects for as soon as-in-a-lifetime revel in. 


Araria City

Araria district headquarters is main place to shop everything name as Araria city. Hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, mall, shops, subji mandi, gold shop, service center, mobile and computers show room, all types clothes shop are available in a confined area. You can park your vehicle and enjoy shopping in small area with best price. Huge crowd in festivals times. Some shops are fixed price but few bargaining shops their be careful. According to economics, market size more than five crores daily basis transaction. Araria District famous past as kharaiya and Araria State


Another main market place in araria district is Forbesganj, famous for, show rooms, mall, Chinese products, all wholesale and branded clothes. According to economics points view, more than five crores daily transaction. Forbesganj near to Nepal boarder, maum attractions of these markets.


Another famous market place is Jogbani, Main attraction due to nearest market place from Nepal. The market based on Nepal and India, products exchange place. Average market size. 


MainMarket of araria is based on agricultural products and daily needs products, also famous for wood products. Jokihat is unique geographical place in araria, large number of village crowd visit for shopping. Cheapest market of araria district. Economics point view daily transaction more than two crores. Now days, roads connection excellent to near village, that's reason for huge crowd. Maximum potential to grow as big market place in araria. 

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