Geography of Purnea district

पूर्णिया जिले की भौगोलिक जानकारी जो आपके लिए जानना जरुरी है

Total area of Purnea district

3202.31square kilometres (1,247 sq mi) including RuralArea - 2800.10 sq. kms & Urban Area - 400.21 sq. kms. 

Latitude of Purnia

25°-13'-80" ~ 27°-07'-59" N

Longitude of purnea

86°-59'-06" ~ 87°-52'-35" E

Height above Sea-Level of Purnia

171.2 Feet

Population of Purnea district

3,264,619 (2011)

Population density of Purnia district

1,000/km2 (2,600/sq mi)

Religion-wise population of Purnea (2011)

Hindu population percentage in Purnea 60.94%.

Muslim population percentage in Purnea 38.46%

Hindu :-1,989,420 and 60.94 %
Muslims :- 1,255,641 and 38.46 %
Other :-. 06%

Literacy rate of Purnea district

51.08%(male and female 59.06% and 42.34%) while India literacy rate is 74.04% and difference :- below 22.96% from National level of literacy.

Sex ratio of Purnea district


Population growth rate of Purnia
2001 from 2011 was 28.66%, last ten years.

Soil type of Purnea district

loamy soil, excellent for agriculture.

Name of rivers in Purnia district

Mostly river originated from Himalayas regions and fall in way of Bangal, namely
Kosi, Mahananda, Suwara Kali, Loki, Mahananda,

Climate of Purnia

Moderate climate;also referred as 'Mini Darjeeling' due to its favourable climate.

Rainfall of Purnea

1,470.4 mm(73 Days in a Year)

Humidity level of Purnea

70% average

Cold season of Purnea

Started from November to February temperature range varies from 3°C minimum & 25 °C maximum.

Hot season of Purnea

Started from March to June temperature range from 15 °C minimum & 48 °C° maximum but rain happen regular if temperature more like Darjeeling.

Purnea has recorded a maximum temperature of 48.8 °C , the highest ever since 1952.

Monsoon season of Purnea

begins in early June and lasts until September.

Best time to visit purnea

during and around months of monsoon & November to February.

Major agricultural products of Purnia district

Jute, banana, Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Mustard
Various types of pulses, Onion, potatoes, mango etc. Mostly population involved with agriculture practice.

Major national high ways

NH 31, NH 57 , NH107 and NH131A, they connecting all over country along with Nepal.

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