History of Purnea

History of Purnea

Ancient records of Purnia District

Purnia additionally known as Pundra land because bordered through the river Kasataya on east via the present day Mahananda Riveron the west, at the south by way of the contemporary Padma, and at the north via the hills of Himalaya , which were inhabited through aboriginal hill tribes, along with the Kiratas. Purnea became a brilliant Hindu spiritual records and an excellent beyond. In Mahabharata, King Virat had given refuge toYudhis thirand the Pandovas at some point of the 12 years of exile. The website online of his fort remains gift at Thakurganj.Purnea is also famous as for the oldest temple like Mata Puran Devi Mandir.
The Purnea town additionally famous as a Darghah of Hazrat Mustafa Jamalul Haque Bandagi, Chimni Baza at Purnia metropolis location.

Medieval history of Purnia District

At seventh century, the Purnia district become dominated by the Sasankka, the powerful king of Aauda. In AD620 Harsha vardhana, the brilliant Buddhist emperor defeated to Sasankka. After the loss of life of Harsha, and it appears probably that Purnia have become a part of the Magadha state. During ninth to twelfth century the dynasty become underneath the Pala king.

Throughout the rule of thumb of the Mughal, Purnia fashioned a exquisite military region province beneath the rule of a faujdar, and changed into nominally subordinate to the Subedar. Revenue was mostly spent on defensive its borders in opposition to tribes from the north and east i.E Indo-Nepal. The neighborhood governor raised to reunion against Siraj ud-Daulah in 1757, after the seize of Calcutta.

Current history of Purnia District

The cutting-edge records of Purnea district began with East India organization on 10 February 1770.
The early years of British rule Purnia suffered with many problems, additionally known as years of trouble. In 1771, numerous Europeans has settled within the place of Rambagh and town some homes, church and kabrishtan nonetheless present at Rambagh and metropolis area.

In 20th century Purnia district were right away tormented by the Swadeshi motion . Presently no centers for better schooling in Purnia district and the scholars migrated to Kolkata /Patna.

Non-Cooperation movement in 1919, number of volunteers participated with Mahatma Gandhi.

A number of the peoples of Purnia attended the Nagpur session of Congress in 1920
A countrywide faculty became started in Katihar in 1921, Shri Rajendra Prasad visited Purnia for the duration of this year. Stop India motion procedures had been fully carried out through the people of Purnia in1942. Mahatma Gandhi became visited Purnia in1929, in the course of this go to he met the Raja of Nazar gunj and addressed huge crowded at Purnia town Kisahnganj, Bishnupur, Araria, Kasba, Bara Idgah and Jalal garh.

Name of Purnea district

Purnea is also referred to as as the name of Purnia.The town name may also have derived from its historical name from Purna-Aranya which means whole jungle.

In 2007 Purnia DM Mr Ramweshar formed a group to find, Purnea district records .Team member past due Sankar dy investigated British authorities information then he changed into concluded as, Purnea district became fashioned in 14 February of 1770 before Bihar Bangal department.
Each 12 months 14 February celebrate as a purnia basis day.

Ancient vicinity of Purnea

  1. Mata Puran Devi( Oldest temple)
  2. Darghah of Hazrat Mustafa Jamalul Haque Bandagi, Chimni Bazar, Dargah
  3. Khanquah Alia Mustafia, histocial Deorhi ruins of Garbanili, Kala Bhawan
  4. Raja Kalanand Singh’s historic Darbar (Palace).
  5. 5. Jalagarh citadel became built by means of the Mughal.


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